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Long ago

I mastered beasts

An explosive earthly power

Fearfully made, perfect to compete.


The daughters of man

Effortlessly impressed.

They were fair

I took any as I wished


Bound by death and ancient law.

I felt offense

I killed, I raped

Created cities, crafts and beauty


Listening but never hearing,

Gazing but not seeing,

Abounding in knowledge,

But not understanding.


The priests are drunk,

The Muses fail,

Man seeks

The natural philosopher stumbles.


An ancient whisper, a rumour, a myth

Of glory that abounds

A vague, enslaving thought

I can put it to good use.


Transcendent glory

Thirst unquenched

for what is man,

But an image to be seen


His glory passes

His power wanes

Lost in hubris,

and extremes.



Full of pride

Nature broken

Lives ensnared


There is more than what is seen

What is seen implies more.


I called upon the name of the LORD,

My birthright now I see.

Eureka, it is found

Set apart from what exists


It’s hidden in the things I see,

The breath I take,

in plain sight,

Glory, once hidden from me.


Found again

That antediluvian being


His glory is in me.


By James Fratzia

May 2015


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