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Religion : The enemy of God

A series called “By The Holy Inquisition”, with Chapter 2 provided by the author, Jospeh Dezordi, for publication on The Debriefing. He makes his view very clear.



by Joseph Dezordi,  2005

Dezordi Osama

Are they really any different historically?

The most fearsome crises threatening our world is not terrorism or starvation or nuclear war, rather it is the loss of conviction that Truth exists . This is a crisis which to the masses hardly seem urgent in comparison to the AIDS epidemic, or a stock market crash or the latest act of terrorism. Yet this crisis is infact far more deadly than any other. It is especially poignant in the present age where ‘truth’ is increasingly regarded as a concept [ an amoral system of ideas which is ever ‘developing’ and which can be improved by human effort], this is ‘truth in evolution’, it is ‘researched’, and understood, through the natural senses [rather than being revealed].

The other major way in which the meaning of truth is distorted is by arbitrating over it, Truth is what ever an individual’s ego or a majority’s collective opinion decides it to be at the time, ie Truth is no longer absolute, but arbitrary. This implies that some person or, a institution of persons with certain credentials, have the capacity to define Truth. They are the proof setters; what is in fact happening is that human intellect & effort is usurping the authority of God revealed in scripture in the past. So men devise schemes to absolve themselves of any obligation to obey the word of God. All this occurs in the shadowy maize of what is called ‘ Religion ‘.

Such insipid religion, predicated by institutions called ‘church,’ mislead society about Jesus & the Bible. Collectively, such churches constitute a world empire, analogous to the pagan empires of Rome or Babylon. [ As scripture says, “ there is nothing new under the sun ! ]

Some of the leaders in this juggernaut of Christianity amalgamated with paganism dearly love & yearn for the truth. Yet most of the leaders who hold the ultimate power, have ruled by force, violence, torture, & the burning stake. They have been abusing the name of Jesus Christ, creating a pseudochristian empire, derived largely from the fragments of Pagan Rome. This empire of Christendom, is a counterfeit of the true church that Jesus gave his precious blood for. By church leaders I include Popes, priests, theologians, & monastics, from the various Catholic churches, [ Eastern Orthodox & Western Roman]. Perhaps to a lesser extent, I would include the Bishops, ‘reverends’ and theologians from various protestant off shoots of the Roman Catholic establishment, the ‘ mother church’. What we have is a quagmire of religion, a cess pool that sickens Christ.

dezordi Islam

UK followers of the Prophet Mohammad

Dezordi Pope

Modern Babylon

This is the counterfeit pseudochristianity which has enslaved much of Europe & the countries colonised by European nations, sometimes called, “ Western nations”. This conglomeration of institutions which enslave men & confuse the way to the source of Truth, is symbolised in Scipture by Babylon the Great, the mother of Harlots. “ Come out of her my people, the prophet cries”. Furthermore, in the past two 1300 years, just as Jesus himself prophesized, there has been a proliferation of numerous sects many of whom have their own false prophets who oppose Christ explicitly, such as Islam, or more subtley, by reducing Jesus & scripture to a religious system, such as Roman Catholicism. Unfortunately, some of these religious movements adopt attractive names which confer some plausible respectability, such as Christian Science or Jehovas Witnesses. In any case, the effect of this Babylonian confusion has been an amalgam of truth and lies. The results of this are :

  1. That the majority of a population in many westernized societies mistakenly believe themselves as being ‘christian’ by virtue of some religious tradition, such as having been sprinkled in some so called ‘holy water’
  2. The name of Christ is desecrated, & Christ is mocked. Christ is no longer known or feared,
    rather, Christ has become a ridiculous romantic image in a church window, or a statue, or a Sunday School story. [1]
  3. The message of the gospel has been depleted of the power & demands of Jesus. In place of this uncompromising message of truth we have been given silk vestments, incense & crosses of gold. A false church & Christianity based on the mystique of medieval paraphanalia, of brass bells & gold crosses & smells of incense.
Dezordi Jensen

Sydney Anglican Archbishop Jensen

What happens in effect through the mass christianisation of populations & entire nations, is nothing other than the obliteration of the true church and a loss of knowledge of the Truth which Jesus the Jewish Messiah revealed in his words & very flesh. In the place of the priceless teachings of Christ & the Bible, a void of confused misinformation has been poured into the media & society by nothing other than the Churches, especially the large rich churches & the newer sects. In the place of the profound message of Jesus is established a powerful filthy rich decadent religious juggernaut, which really has nothing to do with the Christ who died on a cross in abject poverty. [ Take for example, the Sydney Anglican Archbishop, who recently announced proudly through his news paper, that the executive of his church will hire a professional accounting firm, for a fee of several million dollars, just to evaluate the extent of the vast property wealth ]. These religious institutions are collectively unaware of the deception that they promulgate. They believe they serve Christ. The leaders claim validity by giving lip service to Christ, but really seldom have experience of the power of Jesus. The fabric of the history of Europe & our Western culture is indeed turbulent, intricate & blood stained & inseparably bound up with the history of men of violence & decadent morals who opportunistically operated under the mantle of the ‘church’.

It appears to me that it is a satanic irony that the Church which was meant to be the pillar of truth, that had built as its pride & bastion, the Hagia Sophia, [ In Constantinople ] had the audacity to appoint to itself leaders with the titles & even the garb of the Roman Emperors who so viciously murdered the first Christians. Thus the Bishop of Rome, with the endorsement of the Roman Emperor Constantine, was able to bestow upon himself, the tile once used by Julius Caesar, Nero, & Caligula, namely, “ Pontificus Maximus”. This chilling Satanic irony was the amalgamation of Paganism & whichcraft from the Roman Empire combined with a pseudochristianity has been the source of endless suffering, inquisitions, torture & muder of Jews & true Christians, in past ages. Yet it would be mistaken to think that these are only aberrations on the canvas of history. This amalgam between the pseudochristianity & paganism can not just be a series of historical accidents, rather, it is a Demonic syncretism which is inevitable, because the very real [ but invisible ] power of Anti Christ operates behind the scenes, & he is indeed the true ‘lord’ of the churches.

Dezordi Pope Koran

Kissing the Qu’ran is as political a gesture as the US President kissing babies

Thus man kind can not simply ‘become good’ & learn from mistakes of the past. [ For man, unless he is freed by the Spirit of Jesus, is enslaved by his own evil flesh nature, & therefore can not know the truth ]. A recent example of how the true ugly nature of organised religion is the enemy of Christ, is the promotion of Nazism by both Catholic & protestant church leaders. These facts are easily forgotten in the romantic modern day notions of church unity. How ever, they should be a horrific reminder to us that the church systems which are popularly called Christian are infact demonically designed & operated. We see another trend like this, which is even more evil, by the churches flirtation with ‘ other religions ‘, such as embracing belief systems which are flagrantly demonic, such as Islam……………………………………………………………………………………….

Christendom is a breeding ground for Lies.

Organised religion has long been the repository & spawning ground for men who crave power over others. That power may consist of political & economic power funded by gullible ‘ parishioners [ ranging from paupers to Kings ] who are lead to believe that their souls will be lost unless they give allegiance, [& especially their money ] to the church. Power is also yielded in the forms of sexual exploitation of vulnerable needy people, such as women & children. This all occurs inspite of the fact that Jesus declared, “my Kingdom is not of this world.” In fact, he had no respect for man made power structures as they invariably were used to exploit the very people God sought to bring into his Kingdom. Thus he detected the hypocrisy of the money changers who replaced God’s mercy with merchandising, & he drove them out of the temple precinct.

An antichristian Society

Dezordi Paedophile Priest

US Paedophile Priest

There is this popular myth that we are a ‘ christian nation’, we live in a ‘ christian society’. The scriptures are at absolute variance with the mass christianisation, of society. This has to be the case in the very words of Jesus, “ many are called, but few are chosen”. Paul, chief writer of the New Testament, himself had warned the true disciples as they prayed on a lonely beach, about the sinister scenario where power hungry church leaders would arise and ravish the church. [ Acts……………………………………………. ].

This savagery against the Truth has been possible because the scriptures, the Bible, have been hijacked by church hierarchy & deemed as being beyond the understanding of simple folk. In this intellectual elitism, the simple message of the gospel has been obscured and corrupted. This has resulted in misinformation of the masses, through the agency of what is falsely called church, ruled by its exclusive often decadent leaders. Generally now a days, the average person thinks he is a christian when he is not. This average so called christian citizen may attend a building which is erroneously called a ‘church’. The legacy of Christ & the word he died for, the Bible, has nothing to do with the Empires of organized systems of religion which society tragically calls ‘church’ & ‘ christianity’. In fact the message of the Bible detests this organized form of religion which has become an idol replacing God himself. Infact, what Jesus came to proclaim and die for was not a religion at all. Rather Jesus came to save his people from the power of evil & sin which often was magnified in its effect through religion. Jesus came to be the Way to Truth, which was embodied in Himself, but written about in the Bible. Jesus came to set us free from the yoke of dead religions. He did not come to give man a new religion, at all. There is a need to rediscover the simple meanings of the basic truths of the Bible which Jesus, the jewish Messiah, & his apostles proclaimed to the world.

The Apostate Church & Contemporary Christianity

These leaders, popes, bishops, priests, pastors, have been ever conforming to the systems of the world, rather than scrutinizing & rejecting the tenets of a lost society. This is the state of the apostate church, & it parallels the tragic wanderings of Israel in the Old Testament which lost the devotion of her youth to the God who revealed himself [as Yahweh = The Self Existent One, The I am] & instead became a spiritual harlot [embracing the idolatrous practices of the surrounding nations]. Likewise within a hundred years after the historical appearance of Christ, the meaning of ‘church’ & of being a follower of Christ had become confused and corrupted. Church leaders became seduced by power and prestige and soon forged a confused amalgam of lifeless Christianity and Roman pagan idolatory. Effectively a universal system of dead religion veneered with Christian imagery replaced discipleship, the living relationship with Jesus. This process of corruption & adulteration of the simple pure teachings of Christ has become an intricate web with many strands crossing the ages into the present. The core strand of this web of deceit has been the devaluing of ‘truth’ revealed in Scripture. It seems virtuous these days to designate beliefs & practices as ‘contemporary’ & ‘relevant’. We have contemporary ‘christian worship’ [usually glitzy & lavish ], contemporary Bibles, contemporary gospels, & contemporary Women’s Christian Magazines. There is contemporary theology & even a contemporary Jesus. We need to be relevant to the society around us, and we need to be ‘all things to all people’, but being contemporary becomes compromise if we do not treasure [under pain of death ] the word of God as the unalterable standard, The Truth.

To speak of a ‘contemporary’ church could be therefore a contradiction in terms. It may be compromise in disguise, it may be a subtle departure from the conviction of truth revealed in Scripture. How ‘contemporary’ can a church be, & still be that church, which in the NT is described as :”The pillar & foundation of the truth”? To what extent can the church conform to the present world system, & still remain the treasury of unchangeable truth?

In the past, adherence to Truth was forced upon society by decree, or by tortue through inquisitions, now society considers itself intellectually liberated, yet people are more enslaved than ever

Church Hierarchies have enmeshed Christians in traps of Deception

Dezordi Pell

Sydney Roman Catholic Archbishop Pell

This process of recalcitrance to the obligations of truth happens surreptitiously, & is often incubated in secret enclaves by elite ‘ clergy’, men of the cloth, the ‘doctors & theologians’, & princes of the Church. These pseudo apostles become intoxicated with the worship of human intellectual endeavour. They confer upon one another honours, degrees, and positions of power. In so doing they are brazenly disobeying Christ himself, they are spitting in his face [ See Matthew 23:7-8 ]. In this theatre where ‘truth’ becomes a political enterpise, a church leader, is no longer a man of God, a prophet in the wilderness, rather, he is a politician. He is able to be a so called ‘archbishop’ of Canterburry & yet not believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Like wise a man may be a prince of England, heir to the throne, & head of the church, and yet not believe that the Jesus represents the only way to salvation. The head of the church, thus becomes, ‘ defender of faith’, rather than ‘defender of the faith’, thus implying that there is no absolute truth which deserves our undivided allegiance.


How do I respond to this?

In this age then when truth is becoming an infinitely elastic notion, knowledge is not weighed and tested by an individuals or groups morality or integrity. This is not so important in certain disciplines. Thus the fact that Einstein was cruel to his wife, does not invalidate the theory of relativity. Roosevelt took his theory seriously, & demonstrated it at Hiroshima. I must confess how ever I felt a little uneasy with my behavioural sciences lecturer, who was an expert in relationships lecturing medical students about marriage. He had been divorced three times, so I suppose he was an expert! But should I take him seriously ? Can he really tell me the truth about commitment in marriage ?

The pervasive supposition then that the truth of a matter can be ascertained by ‘research’, which is an intellectual pursuit, divorced from morals extends into organised Christian religion. We tend to look up to those who have accomplished some degree, the churches, like the world, tend to extol these secular, icons: “doctor of divinity etc.” A man is acclaimed not because he is a man of truth, and is godly, but because he has intellectual knowledge, charisma and power, [ again the celebrity cult, we see in politics ]

So an individual can go to a university and by study and passing exams gain degrees and become an expert in; Theology, Philosophy, or Divinity, or even psychology; It is then assumed, that these men are accredited to preach & teach about their subject of study. Personal & living knowledge of God is not even considered a credential for one who is designated a ‘ religious leader’. The church has prostituted itself by using exactly the same methodology for arriving at Truth. So Truth becomes what ever product that might be is extracted from a nebulous chaos of information by research, lectures, & debates between supposedly learned men, rather than by revelation from God through his Spirit by meditating on the Word of God. The credentials that the church esteems are the credentials of human intellectual pursuit; such as a degree in Theology, & eloquence, rather than the credentials defined by the Word of God: Such as holiness, love, integrity, suffering, prayerfulness & wisdom etc.

Truth is not determined by Majority Opinion “ The Truth is still true, even if but one man believes it”

On a mass scale, the same principals of ‘truth distortion ‘ apply, we see it in population ‘ethics’2. “Abortion is a women’s right”, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion”, “Every one has a right to free medicine”, “ no one should have to defend their country if it is against their ‘conscience’ ”. Truth on the mass scale is tending more and more to be arbitrary, it is what ever we [and especially the media] decide it to be .

Again, just like with my University lecturer, it does not usually matter what qualities are possessed by those who decide. The new trend, in defining ‘truth’ then, is usually just what the majority of people think. It is truth by consensus, it sounds just and polite and democratic, but at it’s core lies rejection of authority, and ultimately of God.

Truth which is by revelation on the other hand, is received through faith. It is the truth which we can be in awe of and will believe in and be guided by & obey under pain of death, even when we do not fully understand it.

Arbitrary truth, depends on the majority view by consensus, and of necessity, supplants the fact of Truth as immutable Revelation. At the heart of such a process must reside human arrogance, [ as was the case in Eden ] the ego of man is exalted and idolised in place of humble worship of the God who has revealed himself already in his words, & ultimately in Christ. It is easy then from this slippery slope of human pride, to also dispense with morality [the actions which materialise from the application of a deemed truth]. An example would be the recent majority vote in a certain church denomination which voted that abortion and homosexuality was ‘acceptable’, never mind what Scripture actually says. It’s all a matter of “interpretation”. Such committees imply all opinions and voters are equal. If God then just represents an opinion, & one vote, it seems hard to see then how God’s ‘opinion’ could ever prevail!

These ‘doctors ‘ of the church, decide that God thinks abortion and homosexuality is not so bad. We dare not believe in ‘absolutes’, lest some one be offended. Basically, what ever you feel or think to be OK is OK.”I am OK & you are OK.”; “What you think is your opinion”. “We are all entitled to our own opinions”, “ So long as I am not hurting any one”. It all sounds very polite & friendly, quite harmless, you can’t imagine anyone going to war to defend such ideals. The prophet from the wilderness of the Scriptures, with his shaggy skin coat and long hair, who speaks the revealed truth from God: “ Thus saith the Lord” would be very much out of place in such forums, not just because of his earthiness and body odour. I don’t think he would be at home in the average congregation of nice people. He might offend them, or even frighten the children. But offcourse, if we can romanticise such a prophet, & convert him into an image in a stained glass window, then we will feel nice & warm inside. We will not be threatened any more by his message: “ Repent you snakes….if you have two coats, give to him who has none …”

What has happened then is the hijacking of the true church; The community of humble believers in Christ who live and die for their risen Lord, has been replaced instead by a juggernaut, a Trojan Horse of devilish pride, masquerading as the Church of Christ. We have a Universal religion that has replaced true devotion to Christ. [ Revelation 17]. What is called church has also become a mere a vehicle for a utopian happy society. Our great doctors & leaders of Christendom have created a pacifist church of which anyone can become part of and be made to feel good, especially at Christmas and at the occasional wedding or funeral. This is now the very contemporary church. It is user friendly unthreatening Christianity. This is not the church which Jesus died for. This is not the church that agitated the celebrity idols of the Roman empire, & thus had to be dismembered in the colosseum.

Dezordi Scripture Fragement

Scripture Fragment

The reality is, that the Scripture upon which the popular expression of christianity claim to be based, does not permit such a broad & flattering view of ‘our opinions’ & what we feel like doing. Nor is there much respect for ‘majority opinions’, rather guidance was through Scripture & diligent prayer.[ see Acts 13]. Truth was revealed to men renouncing ‘legitimate’ appetites & rights, such as Daniel who rejected the King’s juicy steaks, & chose God’s bland diet of lentils. Truth was also revealed to a body of believers whose lives were holy and who listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit. The Scriptures define truth, so much so that these are often stated as commands to be obeyed. [Rather than concepts which we find ‘interesting’, so that we might be entertained]. There is established therefore a binding association between behaviour, & dare I say ‘morality’ & between understanding of the Truth. We are never given the liberty of being “OK”, outside of the truth which the Scripture defines.

Expressed less verbosely, God demands we obey Scripture, that is, his revealed word, the Truth. If we do not obey, we are condemned, by our own stupidity, & the “Truth is not in us”.

For to not have Truth, is a fate, worse than death. If we die in an act of terrorism, we may still live. But if we have no Truth, we are already eternally dead.



Footnote :

I will list here the basic false assumptions which deceive the masses of persons in so called Christian countries. Most of the assumptions relate to the activity of Roman Catholicism, but there is overlap with most so called ‘christian’ churches. Assumption :

  1. The Bible is unreliable, unhistorical & fall of errors
  2. The Bible is reliable, but it can only be interpreted and taught by specially ordained ministers or priests
  3. The Bible is reliable, but it can not stand alone as a source of doctrine for Christians and the church. Traditions of “The Church” and other teachings by saints, popes, theologians may some times take precedent over the Bible.
  4. A church is an organisation of leaders, ordained to lead a congregation in worship, meeting in a holy building
  5. A christian is any person who has been ‘ baptized’, typically in a ‘ holy building’.
  6. A priest is a special person who alone has authority to perform special holy functions which include: Baptising, dispensing Holy Communion, and acting as a channel [ mediator], for forgiveness of sins

[1] .Is it true, is it true, this most tremendous tale of all, Seen in a stained windows hue. A Baby in an ox’s stall        The Oxford Dictioanry of Quotations


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