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These links are interesting. Some are tools, and some are expressing a viewpoint. We don’t necessarily agree with everything to be found there.

Bible Tools

Christian responses to criticism

  • Fixed Point. Their mission is to “to publicly defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ, providing models and resources for Christians to do the same.” There are videos to stream, audio files on assorted topics, and a book store
  • . Very helpful repository of responses to criticism by William Lane Craig. Most people would find it quite intellectual.
  • Marriage  – Katy Faust, who visited Australia in 2015 and, among other things, ran the GayBC (ABC) gauntlet with Lateline and Q&A. Katy was brought up by two lesbian parents, became a Christian and then started a blog for people like her who have suffered, and/or continue to suffer, from being denied biological parentage or from having a father and a mother. She was later outed by a gay blogger and unwillingly thrust into the public spotlight. Among other things, she made submissions to the US Supreme Court in the landmark gay marriage case a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, as we know, her submissions fell on deaf ears (and darkened minds).
  • . Children raised in Homosexual Relationships. Katy Faust’s prime concern is for children. They’re the main victims of this insane social engineering that has places ‘Rights to Children’ above the ‘Rights of Children’ in the sadly corrupted Western establishment. So she advocates for them. They’re the ‘them’ in ‘Them Before Us’ blog.

These websites document the persecution of Christians

A reality check for those in the West who live like the proverbial “ostrich with it’s head in the sand“. These things are rarely reported in the western media because it is ‘politically incorrect’ to do so, and journalists/new outlets have too much to lose for doing so. Therefore, where possible, this website will post links that document persecution of Christian people, thought and life. Note that doesn’t necessarily agree with particular views expressed in these websites but we share the sentiment and concern.

Unfortunately, it appears that most Christian’s in the west would rather seek an alternate reality in materialism, sport, entertainment or computer-games than try and come to terms with this reality in the world today.

Underground Christian Thought

  • Home page for Dr Michael S. Heisser. He shares his scholarship in the ancient Hebrew language and texts, to draw to our attention things which most Christians have never considered. Conventional thinkers need not apply.
  • This is an article from New Horizons Magazine Issue 37 2003, edited by James McBride. It askes the question whether clergy have Biblical sanction.
  • . The Church Anarchist blog
  • Philosophical Society has a range of contributions covering the philosophical and theological  basis for a Christian response to contemporary issues

Another way of seeing things Christian

The Bible The author has been thorough in his analysis of the literary works of Josephus. A helpful apologetic resource for those who seeking early non-Christian, extra-biblical corroboration of the historicity of the bible. Thanks to aristotleO [editor]

The Bible Project  Visual Storytelling Meets The Bible “Our mission is to show how the Bible is a unified story that leads to Jesus.”

Christian Publishers

  • . Paradigm Shifting material by Frank Viola and George Barna. Website with Q & A from the authors. think re-churching!

Training for Christians

Social Engineering


  • – Study the Studies- What We Know About Same-Sex Parenting

 Useful Scientific Links

  • . Basic summary of the compelling evidence for the scientific theory of Intelligent Design.
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